VIXENFIED: 20 Questions


1) Are you counting the days until House of Deréon launches a maternity line?

2) Is Beyoncé and Jay’s baby going to run the world or what?

3) With honeys J. Cole, Big Sean and Dee-1 on the scene, can we officially say that the cute rapper is back?

4) Are you hoping that Jennifer Hudson records a new song for her Weight Watchers commercials soon?

5) Isn’t Cuffin’ Season your favorite time of year?

6) Now that Rihanna is a brunette again, how many Vixens will be changing their hair color to match?

7) Don’t you wish they brought back some truly  fierce All-Stars on this cycle of America’s Next Top Model?

8) Are you tired of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose’s constant PDA’s?

9) How excited are we for Jordin Sparks, Tika Sumpter, Cee Lo and Whitney Houston to star in the Sparkle remake?

10) Wouldn’t you like to hear a sing-off between Lady Gaga and Jessie J?

11) Don’t you love how Kelly Rowland is finally getting her solo shine and looking great while doing it?

12) Are we counting the days until Diggy Simmons turns 18?

13) Don’t you just love to hear Idris Elba speak with his native British accent?

14) Isn’t Dr. Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial for the death of Michael Jackson getting a bit too messy?

15) Who would you rather hear drop a hot 16: Chris Brown or Trey Songz?

16) Wouldn’t Ray J vs. Fabolous make for a good (or at least hilarious) Pay-Per-View boxing match?

17) Where is the fountain of youth that Pharrell, Q-Tip, Common and Nas are sipping from?

18) Doesn’t the climax of Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” video get you emotional every time you watch it?

19) How excited are we that Joan…er, Tracee Ellis Ross, is coming back to television with her new sitcom Reed Between the Lines?

20) Don’t the members of Mindless Behavior look like four miniature Miguels with different hairstyles?