Watch Britney Spears Get Slapped and Sexed Up In New ‘Criminal’ Video


Britney Spears turns up the sexy in her bare-all music video for “Criminal,” her latest single from the album Femme Fatale. Shot in the streets of London, the video shows Spears on a steamy crime spree with her bad boy lover. Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, the short film opens with an elegant, stone-faced Spears getting publicly disrespected by her British beau at a party. She magically regains composure and self-esteem after a few spritzes of her own perfume and leaves him for an outlaw after he is dealt a brutal beating. 

Although the pop songstress’ acting doesn’t extend much beyond a handful of spoken lines and a kick to her ex-man, the music video captures the toxic love story in a different way than her perfume commercials do, not just hinting at seductive fantasies but actually living them. In the 5-minute visual she sings, “Mama, I’m in love with a criminal/ And this type of love isn’t rational/ it’s physical,” and it shows. Spears dropped the video shortly after midnight Tuesday tweeting: “Ladies & gents, I’m excited to present to you the video for one of my favorite songs off of Femme Fatale. Enjoy…” Let us know if you do. —Adelle Platon