Watch Jay-Z and Kanye West Create Magic in the Studio

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Here’s something you definitely don’t see everyday. released some very private footage of Jay-Z and Kanye West recording their single “Otis,” featured on Watch The Throne. At this point, you’ve had 80-some hours to listen to, talk about, and think through every single song that’s featured on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s highly-publicized, over-scrutinized collaborative album, Watch The Throne. So by our calculations, you’ve fattened your Twitter feed with criticisms of the record, texted everyone in your phone to get their feedback, and talked about the album at length with the fellas at the barbershop, the chicks hanging by your cubicle, and everyone in between. It’s basically taken over your life, eh?

Well, guess what—It’s taken over ours, too. Since pressing play on the project, we’ve pretty much gone through the album song-by-song, verse-by-verse, and line-by-line with a fine-toothed comb so that we didn’t miss a moment of what Jay and ‘Ye had to say. As a result, we’ve heard and dissected dozens of hot lines from both artists at this point.

So with that in mind, we decided to put together an awards-style post pitting all of the hottest lines from each individual song up against one another. For each song (including the bonus tracks!), we’ve nominated our four favorite lines—and then highlighted the one that we think is the best to provide you with 16 lyrics that you absolutely must know from WTT, lest you be confused when one of your friends posts one on his or her Facebook page. So without further ado, watch us Watch The Throne. This is gonna be fun.—Chris Yuscavage

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