Weave Changes Things


What’s so bad about weaves? From black men complaining that weave creates artificial women to ladies rocking their weave-less hair like a superior badge of honor, it’s clear that weave has gotten a bad rap in our communities. And it’s undeserved.

We’ve all witnessed tragic, visible “tracks on tracks on tracks” and weave that just doesn’t blend. Those are deplorable and punishable crimes against humanity, but misconceptions that weave wearers are bald or scared to wear their own hair are just ridiculous. I have a full head of long hair that I love to rock, but I also enjoy having the option of throwing in weave on a whim.

Here are two more facts that may surprise you: White women wear weave too (pause for dramatic effect)! I hope you didn’t think Kim Kardashian’s flowing raven locks are just magically long and full. She gets pieces added. Secondly, not all weave wearers want a long, relaxed, Barbie-doll look either. Weave comes in a variety of textures, like kinky and curly, which means the girl you’ve been admiring with a full, natural ‘fro might be rocking a weave too. Surprise!

The reality is women of all races with all different hair textures love weaves because, well, weave changes things. How, you ask? Let us count the ways.