What Men Really Mean When They Say…


I’m Working on Me Right Now

Women love to call this the BS of BS, but what he really means is he’s not good at multi-tasking. He’s not afraid of commitment, but he needs to accomplish x,y, and z before he can consider it a possibility. And since he’s not good at multi-tasking, he’s going to focus on one thing at a time. Once those goals have been achieved and he feels that he’s where he’s supposed to be as a man, and in many cases as a professional, he’ll consider settling down.

He wants to be able to treat his significant other a certain way and if he can’t do that, he won’t commit because it’ll bug him. In the mean time, he’ll float from woman to woman getting his needs met until all his ducks are in a row and he’s ready to commit, do the ring thing, and live the life he’s been told he’s supposed to live; with the wife, house, kids, and gig. Just remember that because you’re ready doesn’t mean that he is or should be.

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