What She Say? Kimbella: “I Didn’t Know Anything About Emily”


Kimbella chatted with one of our favorite blog sites–TheJasmineBrand–to say something revealing this about upcoming show Love & Hip Hop. The model, who recently posed with her sons for VV’s photoshoot, opened up about her friendship with Lil Kim, not knowing about Emily B’s role in Fab’s life and Chrissy’s attack on the show.


The fight with Chrissy Lampkin wasn’t necessarily a fair fight (Chrissy acted as if she was getting “fresh air” and surprisingly attacked Kimbella): “That’s exactly what happened and (of course) I’m going to confirm it because I’m going to stand and hold my own…because that’s what people need to understand…I hope it’s shown in the show….that’s what people need to understand. I need to get it across that I’m not a bitch coming out to tell Emily like ‘yo listen, this is what I did, and what!” No, never. I would never be like that to anybody.”

She learned that rapper Fabolous, was dating Emily, by watching the first season of “Love & Hip-Hop”: “I didn’t know anything about Emily until the first season of ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ I knew he had a son but I didn’t know that they were together. I didn’t know of her at all…..Oh, God do we hafta talk about that (LOL)…Fab is such a non-factor in my life. He’s cool, that’s what attracted me to him…..Right now, I’m in a relationship where I love a man that is everything to me and I never want to talk about my past with another man….”

Her good friend, rapper Lil Kim gave her Reality TV advice: “Me and Lil Kim are good friends. She’s the God-mother to my youngest son. The first thing she told me when she found out I was doing the show was to watch out for the editing. And I said ‘I’m just gonna do what I do, I can’t really help what they edit.’ She just told me to understand that I’m going in blind-sighted, basically. She said ‘reality TV can be really good, or it can do really bad for you. Just be yourself and I got your back for whatever goes down.’

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