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Tika Sumpter Dishes On Her Trek From Hollis To Hollywood – From Hollis to Hollywood, Twizzler-loving Tika Sumpter has spread her infectious personality like the #occupywallstreet movement. It’s unexplainable yet refreshing how this confidently sashaying young actress is spotted at the brightly-lit who’s who events of Tinseltown. As if having not one care in the world or one personal conflict, Sumpter ignites instant likeability.As primetime’s sweetheart (One Life to Live‘s Layla Williamson), VV first caught a true glimpse of Hollywood’s “It” girl while she schmoozed with the girls of the Upper East Side.(Continue Reading…)

‘Basketball Wives’ Showdown: Miami vs. LA - It’s been a month since the latest installment of the “Wives” franchise, Basketball Wives: LA, has premiered. After five episodes, we’re sure you’ve already noticed some of the similarities between the new LA cast and the O.G. (triple O.G.) crew of Miami. Click through to see how the ladies measure up as we put them head to head in a battle for the Basketball Wives crown! (Continue Reading….)
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