Who Wants To Dress Like Nicki Minaj For Halloween?


We’re just days away from Halloween and everyone is preparing their original costumes for the most creative day of the year. According to New York Daily News, Nicki Minaj is Google’s most searched costume idea. The self-proclaimed female Lil Wayne is known for her outrageous, colorful and wacky style.

Even though Halloween outlets don’t hold the HBIC Barbie costumes, Youtube saves the day. One of the most popular tutorials on Youtube, a video on how to dress like Nicki, has over 300,000 views and shares with viewers tips on applying vibrant make up, finding the perfect Barbie-pink outfit and the right wig. The highlight of the video is her tip on getting Nicki’s infamous booty, “diapers, just stuff them in there and use like five,” says MacBarbie07. –Brittny Pierre