Would You Date A Bisexual?


From UPTOWN–Here’s a test. Walk into a room of eligible, attractive, educated, single black men and women. Show them a picture of their dream mate: smart, good-looking, well-spoken, charming, romantic, successful, independent and in perfect shape. Watch them swoon. Now, tell them their dream mate is bisexual. Watch the women turn their mouths up in disgust while most men drool.

To be sure, homosexuality in the African-American community is a loaded issue compounded by our differing views on gender politics, religious ideals and more. Some of us embrace the lesbian/gay community wholeheartedly, many are nonchalant and others are completely intolerant of any sexual orientation other than straight.

But when it comes to bisexuality, our reactions are much more complicated. More often than not, the bisexual woman is desired. She is adventurous and sexually free and men are unapologetically turned on by her.

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