3 Reasons We Give Side-Eye to Leashes on a Woman

Let’s keep it real, leashes are for animals that are not trained, posing a immediate threat to the safety of others.  So, what in the world does a woman have that can threaten the safety of others — basically, their sexuality.  Not only does a woman’s sexuality need to be controlled by a man but the leash suggests that the woman needs protection from herself.  When one sees a dog without a leash, regardless if the dog is trained or not, there is slight fear that that dog may succumb to his senses and attack or, in case of a female dog, act like a bitch.  Thus, if a woman is not a leash — literally, but mostly figuratively — she will lose control of her vagina, throwing herself at the first available man or woman.

It is ludicrous to think that a leash around a woman’s neck does not evoke those aforementioned feelings.  I guess I’m the naive one since Ludacris is famous off songs like “Move Bitch,” “Pimpin’ All Over the World,” and “You’Z a Ho.”  What should I except?