3 Reasons We Give Side-Eye to Leashes on a Woman

Not all, but lots of women struggle with the feelings of subordination to men within most societies.  Many would claim that America’s liberal leanings have allowed women to climb to economic heights unimaginable in other nations.  I mean, seriously, America coined “Oprah” status. But, on the flip side, even the most successful daytime television host can’t help but hear whispers about her sexuality and overall happiness because of she scoffs at traditional female gender roles; she rarely talks about marriage, takes long, intimate trips with her best friend Gayle and keeps a barren womb.

In Luda’s case specifically, his girlfriend is a doctor.  How many male doctors will allow a woman to put a leash around their neck outside of kinky sex? Even though most people will let these pictures passively run in and out of their consciousness, it indelibly leaves an imprint that allows a person such as Sandra Rose to make comments like, “Aww, how cute!”

It’s not a stretch to assume that if Ludacris showed up in animal print, regardless if the costume was tight and loose, with a leash around his neck, there would have been hell to pay from the media and, I’m just guessing, his friends, family, and managers.  We would have heard he was either whipped or he looked weak.  On the contrary, people can comment that it’s cute for Eudoxie to have a leash around her neck because she supposed to be weak and subordinate in respect to her man.