3 Reasons We Give Side-Eye to Leashes on a Woman

Normalizes Violence
The main the issue some women have with men is that men never really understand how stuff like this actually hurts them more than us.  It takes the threat of violence — in the myriad of ways violence manifests, from verbal to physical — to put any animal, much less an intelligent human being, on a leash.  If you have ever witnessed an animal being trained, there are many different verbal threats in order to tame the animal, which quickly turn physical if the animal resists.

Although, in this instance, outwardly Ludacris looks like “the man” and feels like “the man,” he’ll maybe have to explain one day to his beautiful daughter why it’s okay for him walk around with Eudoxie on leash, even if it’s only for one day, and how both of them, as adults, came up with the idea in the first place.  Questions must arise, “Did he force her?” … “Is she scared to lose him if she doesn’t participate?”

Not only does Ludacris look insecure, but his tweet confirms it.  Albeit in a playful manner, tweeting that you have captured a cheetah after a drunken night in Las Vegas shows he has internalized hate and accepts violence towards women — however lighthearted it is — so deeply it’s in the fabric of who he is as a person.

I know many will say it’s not that deep and it’s highly presumptuous to claim that Ludacris hates women, but much like how, as black people, we notice that some white people cannot wait until Halloween to dress in blackface and use the N-word, some men can’t wait to revel in their egomaniac fantasies, using Halloween as night to assert their masculinity in ways that illuminate how inadequate they feel the other 364 days of the year.

Think of it like this… Every time a woman suffers any type of misogynistic abuse at the hands or mind of a man, he loses his humanity. So, who is really the beast?