3 Signs He IS Just That Into You

–There have been a million articles telling women what they should and shouldn’t be doing if they’re looking to get a man. I understand. There are all things that we could do better, but there’s also a burden of proof (of interest) that falls on the other person. When it comes to developing relationships, there’s no time that it doesn’t take two people. So it’s fair to spend some time thinking about the other side and not just yourself.

I got a question from a reader a few days asking how she could tell if the guy she was interested in was interested in her. I gave pause before realizing that this is probably one of the most unnecessarily popular questions on earth. My immediate answer was “He will show you,” but that wasn’t clear enough. And since I’m guessing this comes up a lot, it led me to the post you’re reading today.

Sometimes we men folk have a way of not being completely clear about our intentions. Other times we make what we want as obvious as a muffin top in ill-fitting jeans. Don’t spend too much time thinking about that.

But for whatever reason, women miss the signs. It happens. You can’t know everything. But you should know if you’re wasting your time. Life is too short to be living in uncertainty.

If the man you’re talking to isn’t doing at least two out of these three things, then cut your losses and win back your time. I say two out of three because the last one may take some time to get to.