3 Signs He IS Just That Into You

His Behavior Changes with Your Expectations

I’ll be the first to tell you that you can’t change a man. If he is gonna make adjustments when it comes to you, it has to be because he wants to — not just because you need him too. He has to feel that you’re worth it. Often times we don’t do a good enough job conveying that. Or…we’re just plain lazy…because you allow us to be.

You’re probably tired of meeting men, giving them your number, and then they choose to text you instead of call. You’re tired of having to virtually beg him to pick up the phone because he hates it when all you want to do is hear his voice and smile. I won’t front. I hate the phone too. But if a woman I’m interested in tells me that she needs me to call rather than just texting or gchatting my affinity for her, I’m going to do it. There should be no difference with the man that claims to be interested in you.

If you need him to stop being late to pick you up — even though you probably weren’t ready — then he will step it up and get to your door 10 minutes early. If you feel strongly about him not opening the car door for you, then he should adjust and make sure it becomes second nature. It may take some time, but he should get there. These are basic examples, but the idea behind them can be applied to anything else, within reason of course. If you expect him to serenade you while you stand on the balcony and have candlelight dinners every week at Chez Josephine, you’re waiting for a knight that will never make it across the moat.

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