5 Rappers Who Could Be Justin Bieber’s Ghostwriter

After the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards aired, DJ Premier revealed that Justin Bieber asked to participate in the freestyle cyphers but after he found out JB wouldn’t  spit on his own without some help from Ludacris, Premo declined the offer. Following that, Justin appeared on Power 105 and did his own freestyle to The Throne’s “Otis.” Even though many were shocked by how well he did, we couldn’t help but think he didn’t actually freestyle on the spot. Did Luda write it? or Busta Rhymes who appeared on his Christmas album? Could it be Drake? They’re both Canadian born and he did appear in his “Baby” video. 

We’re not going to lie, though, Biebs freestyle was pretty impressive. Still, we couldn’t help but wonder if someone did ghostwrite his rhymes.

Who could be the mastermind behind the JB’s rap? –Brittny Pierre

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