5 Reasons We Love: Moroccan Oil

3. It’s Perfect for Relaxed or Natural Hair
Whether you hair’s relaxed, natural dyed or fried, it needs moisture to be healthy! I remember the struggle I had restocking my beauty product collection after transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. It was expensive! As much as women of color like to change up our looks, having products that can be used on multiple hair types is a smart investment.

4. A Little Bit Goes a Long Way
I have had Moroccan oil since the Summer of 2009 and the bottle is still more than half-way full. Admittedly, my hair is just past my shoulders so I don’t use a lot of product but you really won’t need more than a half-dollar sized amount for extremely long, thick hair either.

5. The Products Have Multiple Uses
The best products to keep stocked in your beauty drawer are those that you can use for more than one benefit. This line is full of unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E fatty acids and other ingredients that are ideal for creating soft, healthy skin too.

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