5 Things That Helped Shape 2 Chainz Career [Pg.2]

Meeting Ludacris: “We are from the same areaCollege Parkand he went to the rival school.  Lil’ Fate from DTP and his hypeman and my buddy went to school together and he was telling us about Chris and telling Chris about us and it was just a matter of time. Then we had an apt. complex, that’s no longer there, back in Atlanta that they knocked down to expand on the airport runway so they gave everybody money to move out and get homes. Chris being as smart as he was moved into the apartment just to get some money. But we been staying over there for like 6, 7 years. But that’s how smart dude was, I rock with dude. Anyway, we came close and the music stuff didn’t really settle in until a couple years later. After he saw how seriously we were taking things, he approached me with something and we’ve been riding out for a minute.”

Tupac’s Influence: “I did Trap-A-Velli 1 which was [conceptually inspired by] some literature by Machiavelli and it [helped me to better understand] where Pac was coming from earlier in his thuglife beliefs. Then Trap-A-Velli 2 and all of that was just dealing with [Pac inspired material] because he’s one of the artists I really believe in and I like his work ethic. Pac’s still putting out music 15 years after [his death]. So I just used those tapes to demonstrate my work ethic, like it would years for people to put them together but that’s what I was doing early in my career, not just because my music was revolutionary  but my work ethic [helped influence] a lot of those titles.”

Working With New Talent:I believe in the hungry, like I’m not really name driven and that’s what I bring to Luda’s project like we went to MIA and he had Pharrell and a lot of those guys but see I’m aware of the youth, of the people on the rise. Like the Travis Porters’ and people that’s making noise and they have a sound that Luda would kill for and myself, too. So its not knocking the people  like Timbaland and people who’ve been doing it but I just like to find new talent. M-16, who did “Duffle Bag Boyz,” and no one ever knew who he was a day in his life until we did that and I put Wayne on the song and everybody went crazy.”

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