5 Things You Should Know About Young Jeezy’s ‘TM103′ Album

Last night (Nov. 3), VIBE was invited to Quad Studios in NYC for the first listen to Young Jeezy’s long awaited fourth studio album, TM103: Hustlerz Ambition. Jeezy was on hand to personally introduce and play every track from the project. From the 14 tracks we heard, here’s 5 things to help stimulate your thug motivation.

1. Jeezy may be king of the trap but he’s a Jill Scott fan, too. On the appropriately titled track “Trap,” the Snowman meshes his hustler tales with the Philly songstress’ impassioned melodies.

2. OJ Simpson will be offended if he gets his hands on this album. Jadakiss and Fabolous help Jeezy rap about bloody murder on the cut named after The Juice.

3. Before playing “Nothing,” Jeezy cited Juvenile as one of his favorite rappers. He referenced Juvy’s verse from “A Million and One Things” ( “I can’t please everybody, but I love my folks If I give ya everything, baby, I’ma be broke” -Juvenile) as inspiration for the cut, which deals with folks who’ve helped Jeezy only in hopes of receiving something back.

4. Older chicks are Jeezy’s new thing. Ne-Yo helps the ATLien get one out for the ladies on TM103. Playing with Biggie’s infamous line, “If the head right, Jeezy there every night,” he keeps it G while getting his mack on. “Leave You Alone” is destined for radio greatness.

5. “I Do” may be one of the biggest records of Jeezy’s career. Though Andre’s verse leaked to the ‘Net some time ago, Jay-Z adds a monster to this well orchestrated number. Jeezy himself is in rare form on the track, displaying a rare moment of celebration and vulnerability. (“Life’s a bitch but she’s the only love I know” –Jay-Z)

TM103: Hustlerz Ambition is slated for release on Dec. 20. via Island/DefJam.