50 Cent Defuses Rick Ross Beef, Says It Was A Battle

With Rick Ross making the news recently for his medical emergencies, 50 Cent spoke with MTV about his past feud with Rozay. In the conversation, Curtis plays down the beef between the two emcees and states he would never wish harm on Ross.

“You shouldn’t wish that on anyone,” 50 said in regards to Rozay’s seizures. He also spoke on the origin of the battle between himself and Rick Ross:

“He says it started because I looked at him the wrong way,” Fif recalled of an incident on the red carpet for the 2009 BET Awards. “That just means he wanted to compete, he wanted to move up, he wanted to create an awareness for himself, and he did it.”

In regards to how serious their feud was, 50 reminds folks that battling is a part of hip-hop:

“This is why they changed the terminology from ‘battling’ to ‘beefing.’ It was always that battling was a part of the culture; they didn’t do that until Tupac and Biggie Smalls’ situation,” he said. “That’s when it became taboo to actually mention an artist’s name.”