Amber Rose Talks Rejecting Kanye, Her Assistant Turned Stalker and Keeping It ‘Cute’ With Kim Kardashian

Now that Amber Rose has scored a gig hosting Master of the Mix, her mouth is open and running. But watch those minds, you dirty dogs. Kanye’s ex and Wiz’s has been working on her art of conversation and recently picked up a chat with Wendy Williams. Our gossip girl Necole Bitchie, hit us up with excerpts on all the androgynous beauty’s talking points.  

On whether she thinks Kanye wants her back:
I don’t care.

On if she’d ever consider reuniting with Kanye:
I will never get back with Kanye, there’s no way. I want to be with Wiz for the rest of my life.

On rumors that she was the reason Reggie Bush left Kim Kardashian:
One thing about me is that I’m not a home wrecker. I would never date a man that’s in a relationship or a married man. I broke up with Kanye and he broke up with Kim and we met right after. We were both going through a hard time so we we were like each other’s rebounds basically. It was brief, it was nice and he’s a great guy.

On whether Kim K slept with Kanye: 
Come on. You know. We will keep it cute.

On being a future author:
I’m writing books so it’s going to be on romance, a lot of different emotions and a lot of things I’ve been through in my life. Like I said I was a dancer at 15 years-old, me and my mother were homeless and I did what I had to do to survive. Also, stories about my friends, my family and what everybody’s been through. I just have a lot to say and I want to put it out in books. It’s great and interesting stories.

On her assistant turned stalker:
Yeah, it’s very difficult. I had an assistant, which I thought was one of my best friends and she became obsessed with me. She became a stalker. She was listening to Wiz more than I listened to Wiz. She had Wiz stickers all over, she shaved her head and it was weird and crazy.