Amy Winehouse ‘Like Smoke’

“Like Smoke”
Nas recorded this really recently. Yeah, that was super recently. The song itself, Amy wrote that during the Back To Black period. They were planning to do songs together. She actually sang on songs of his that we never released and things like that but we were actually looking at doing some new stuff. So you know I had reached out to him because Amy would always say ‘I have a Nas record on this album, she had “In My Bed” on my first album, had “Me and Mr. Jones” on the second album. I hear a Nas record every album. So it made sense for him to do it as she was a fan of his–then he became a fan of hers as well.

I had “Smoke” in pieces and she had written the rest of the songs for her next album but just never got a chance to record them. But the story with this record is really Nas saw Amy as “one of us” basically, and I’m really close friends with both of them. They shared the same birthdays. We were all just super cool. He’d be in the studio with me and she’d call me on Skype, then we would all be sitting there talking or whatever. We were already part of the semi-circle through me ‘cause those are the two artists that I’ve worked with the most in the last 10 years.

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