Amy Winehouse ‘Tears Dry On Their Own’ and ‘The Girl From Ipanema’

“Tears Dry On Their Own”
She actually wrote that for the Back To Black album. It was written as a ballad. And then I listened to it but at the time we had so many songs for Black To Black like “Love Is A Losing Game,” and “Wake Up Alone.” There were so many songs that were down tempos that I was like ‘you know what? We need another up-tempo.’ I came with the idea to put it on Back To Black, a multi-track to the song at the time. I was listening to it and we played it all over and we created it. Amy loved the idea of incorporating Motown ‘cause it was another one of her major influences.

 “The Girl From Ipanema”
That’s the song that she sang the first day I ever met her. May 27th, 2002. I just moved to Miami. I was really in chill-out mode. I’m sitting there retired. I’m going to the beach everyday. I get a call ‘Some girl wants to sing, coming from England. Ok what does she sound like?’

She didn’t have a deal. She just went to BMI Publishing I think because she liked the record I did for Left Eye called “Block Party” and ended up getting signed there. They asked me to meet with her. I was like ‘I just moved to Miami, it’s my 30th birthday, leave me alone. I’m sitting retired, this better be good.’ I wasn’t really looking to do anything.

I was producing since I was 14 so I had a 16-year career at 30. I was ready to stop. So she walks in and I didn’t even know what she looked like. She pulls out a guitar and starts singing “Girl From Ipanema” and it lit up the whole room and I was like, ‘Oh, you can sing!’ It was a situation where I looked at her and I was like wow, ok this is something special so we started on our journey from that day.

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