Beauty Bar: A Chat with Mikki Taylor on Skincare and Makeup

Fashion and beauty books are common place. But, where’s the blueprint to help you pull off looks for every occasion and suggest ACTUAL beauty products? Enter Commander in Chic: Every Woman’s Guide to Managing Her Style Like a First Lady ($26.99) by Mikki Taylor, former Beauty and Cover Director at Essence Magazine. Finally, a book after our own heart that teaches us to have style and class like Lady O. It’s filled with almost 200 pages of Mikki-isms and tidbits that even our grandmothers don’t know, so I had to sit down with her to get the scoop on all things beauty-related. Her reason for writing the book? “I wanted us to have a book that makes sense in our life,” she says. “Not a coffee book, but a book you live with and will guide you in your day to day.” Love it!

DEENA: What impresses you most about Michelle’s style?
MIKKI TAYLOR: Michelle is very clear about what works for her and is not trying to be anyone else but herself. She is a true role model. I’m amazed how she mixes [high and low] designers and I love that there isn’t a place in the world you will see her not working her own dress code. And, her ‘classics with a twist’ theme allows for experimentation, but is never off track.

D: Tell us what we can learn about makeup in Commander in Chic?
MT: Women tell me all the time “makeup is too confusing!” Well, in CIC I’ve given you the best picks. There’s no way I could write a book and not mention products. Women know that I know the best products and I’ve provided tips and actual brands that work best for our skin.