Beauty Bar: A Chat with Mikki Taylor on Skincare and Makeup

D:What types of makeup and skincare products do you keep on you at all times?
MT: Beauty is about having smooth skin and I love a foundation that has a skin-like finish. I also keep an array of nude lipstick—espically ones that allow me to put it on whether I have a mirror or not. A great long-wearing mascara is always great too. Working women can have days that last from 6am to 10pm; you need to have mascara that needs very little touch-up. Finally, you need a great set of tools. Honestly, you can wear makeup at any price point with a great set of tools.

D: In chapter 2 you state, “A chic sister is always modern and effortless in her appearance.” What’s the most effective way to look effortlessly georgeous?
MT: It’s all about mastering your own look. Sometimes cosmetics counters will give you a look and you’ll ask yourself, ‘How will I do this in my day to day’ or ‘who is this woman? This is not me’. You have to discern what’s for you. Anything that takes you out of your comfort zone and doesn’t have your DNA in it is your first indication that look isn’t for you. When your look is effortless, your make up is not the standout, YOU are. If your face is shouting make up, that’s not the message you want.