Ebony Fashion Fair Intros Siren Call Collection

Growing up, I always believed Ebony Fashion Fair products were only for models. Throughout my entire childhood my mother told stories of how she traveled around the country modeling for Ebony Fashion Fair.

Back in the mid 70’s mom wowed audiences with over-the-top outfits and each time she wore Fashion Fair lipsticks, eyeshadows and foundation. Mom ended her modeling career by the time she birthed me, but Fashion Fair products were still a major part of her life. In fact, she wore Fashion Fair blush, lipsticks and eyewear almost daily.

But gone are the days of Ebony only being for our mothers (or models). Siren Call by Fashion Fair gives a red-hot statement for the holidays and proves that women of color can indeed wear red in style.

The collection includes lipsticks of orange reds, brownish reds, and deep purples—all for $18. My favorite is the gray nail lacquer (as seen in the Siren Call image above) for $9.50. Products can be found in nearly 650 stores across the United States as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa, France and other countries around the world. And, of course, my mother’s makeup bag.

Ebony Fashion Fair Model 1976

Mom strutting a red number on stage circa 1976.


Ebony Fashion Fair Counter Talk Newsletter

A 1976 advertisement for Fashion Fair cosmetics. Mom is in the top image (far right) showing off her plum lips.


Ebony Fashion Fair Model 1977

Mom rocking a red lip on stage circa 1977.

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