Beyoncé Steps Out in Five-Inch Heels

The Queen of the Pregnancy Bump, Beyoncé, showed off how powerful her legs are by wearing five-inch heels while out and about in New York.

The 30-year-old pop star wore Alain Quilici’s Payson Skate Lace-Up Booties. The unique-looking shoes have a 5-inch heel and retail for $1,180

Mrs. Carter kept a smile on her face, even though most women would think that Bey would find flats a lot more comfortable while carrying extra baby weight.

Since her dramatic pregnancy announcement during the MTV Music Awards in August, the King has become a sort-of maternity icon. Her wardrobe has featured thigh-high mini skirts and heels that models have had a hard time walking in. Clearly, this hardworking woman has not fallen off or lost her “Diva” status!

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