Bill Bellamy Shares Benefits, Advice On Fatherhood With Nick Cannon

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Comedian Bill Bellamy has been married for 10 years and is a father of two. Here, he shares some of his knowledge of fatherbood with new dad Nick Cannon.

I completely enjoy being a dad like 1,000,000% because your children bring out all the bad and good qualities in you. They inspire you, they make you laugh, they make you see yourself, they challenge you to do things that you wouldn’t do unless you had kids. You have no reason to go to Disneyland on a Tuesday. But if you have kids, you’d wanna meet Mickey, you gonna kick it with Minnie, you gonna brunch with Snow White⎯you got a lot going on when you got kids and they teach you how to love unconditionally, which I think is awesome.

My advice to Nick Cannon is to get as much sleep as he can because when you have two babies, you are so tired and your babies aren’t sleeping all night⎯nobody tells you that but you will go crazy. The other thing is to make sure your wife is comfortable. If she needs food and stuff like that, try to go above and beyond to make sure she feels comfortable because she’s going through a lot and she has a lot of new feelings, new emotions and concerns. So whatever you can do to make her feel comfortable, that’s the main thing whether it’s your time or spending time with the kids or being able to facilitate things to help her so she can get rest and enjoy the kids too.