Birds Of A Feather: Can You Be Friends With A Hoe?


It’s said that birds of a feather flock together, but that’s not always true. Trust! I’ve seen pristine girls with the messiest of hoes and still maintain a respectable rep. Believe it or not, hoes and regular girls are usually doing the same things in the dark. Whether she treats her box like the holy grail or a rental space for multiple occupants, it’s no one’s business. How that information is spread is the distinguishing factor between the two sets of women.

Outside of that, can a real friendship develop between the lady and the tramp? Absolutely. And I stand behind that 100%. I know several girls from both groups that are funny, polite, nice, supportive and embody all the other traits needed to be a great friend; they just get messy when it comes to the bedroom games. Do they get judged for that? Cast aside like a leper? (Okay, I’m reaching.)

You see, the friendship must be created strategically. There are rules that must be followed, and here they are (from a good girl, of course)!

Pay attention…

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