Brett Ratner Says Gabourey Sidibe Can Hang With Eddie Murphy On The Comedy Tip

VIBE caught up with Tower Heist director Bratt Ratner and he briefly explained why he chose Gabby Sidibe for the movie. Apparently, not only can Gabby hang with Eddie Murphy on the comedy tip, but their on screen chemistry was so explosive that it will make people blush. Here’s what he told us:

I wanted Gabourey becase she was a dramatic actress. I didn’t realize how funny she would be. She went toe to toe with Eddie Murphy. I told her to flirt with him in the scene and she just went all the way, it was amazing. That was the only scene in the movie that was improvised. She probably had a childhood crush on Eddie Murphy because I told her to flirt with him. They kept flirting and he was trying to embarrass her and they just kept going and going and then clothes were flying off, I had to leave the room [laughs]. They nailed it in one take.