Curvy Girls Have The Best Style? Yes, Says Survey, a favorite stop online for ladies shopping for plus-sized clothing, conducted a survey asking 10,000 women their opinions on celebrities and style. The big winners were the stars with a little more junk in the trunk than the typical starlet walking the red carpet. Who did the women deem as the sexiest?

The results of that poll are:

Marilyn Monroe 31%
Beyonce Knowles 24%
Sofia Vergara 20 %
Kim Kardashian 11%
Gwyneth Paltrow 6%
Katie Holmes 5%
Christina Hendericks 4%
Blake Lively 2%
When it came time to the women choosing who they thought chose-and filled out– their clothing the best, the results were:

Marilyn Monroe 18%
Beyonce Knowles 19%
Sofia Vergara 11%
Kim Kardashian 20%
Gwyneth Paltrow 18%
Katie Holmes 14%
Christina Hendericks 3%
Blake Lively 4%

Are you surprised by the results,Vixens? Who’s your favorite curvy vixen?

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