Cynthia Bailey & Phaedra Parks Talk Real Housewives Of Atlanta 4

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4 premiered last night, already with a bang. Nene and Sheree hat a verbal war of words, Cynthia has opened a model school and even enlisted Ms. Jay for an intro training session and Phaedra is still a bit, um, strange. UPTOWN caught up with Cynthia and Phaedra who gave some insight into what’s to expect this season:

Parks is still practicing law but she also has taken a new interest in the dead – the mortuary business to be specific. She is starting her own family-run funeral home business. She and Apollo are still going strong, “we are working as parents and trying to keep black love going,” she says. Their son Ayden is 16 months now. Parks says that we will see the real her this season – without the pregnancy hormones as she navigates being a mother, wife, and executive.

It’s obvious that some of the women are closer to each other than others. Cynthia and Nene will remain close while Phaedra and Kandi support each other’s ideas and goals. “We often brainstorm together about what’s next,” Phaedra says.

Last season Cynthia was soft spoken and laid back but she says this season she is more gregarious. “I kind of came off as super-sweet and people loved me for it and hated me for it. I am a lot more vocal – funny and opinionated.”

Both Parks and Bailey say that a highlight for this upcoming season is the trip to Africa. Bailey says that she was able to connect with all of the women. Parks also says that the women come together and accomplish a lot.

Hopefully that involves less petty drama.

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