David Letterman Doesn’t Think Herman Cain Stands a Chance

Herman Cain made an appearance on the David Letterman show last week to discuss the upcoming race and the plans he has for America if elected. But Cain’s publicist–whoever that is–must not have been present during the show as the Republican presidential hopeful compared being Commander-in-Chief to being a CEO of a pizza organization. Pause for dramatic effect.

America needs a leader who takes its people and pressing issues more seriously than a pizza company. Cain continued to brag about the education he received (a lot better than George Bush we might add), but he still spoke with a tone of ignorance.

Letterman’s response to Cain’s statements were blatantly put that he would NOT be elected as the top republican candidate to go up against Obama.

Keeping Cain’s unique philosophies in mind, Letterman might be absolutely right.

Check out the video below. –Krystal Holmes