Did Jim Jones Finally Put a Ring on Chrissy?

Our friends at Bossip are buzzing about rumors that Jim Jones finally broke down and proposed to his longtime girlfriend and Hip-Hop & Love 2 Star Chrissy Lampkin. Photos of the happy couple partying in Miami also show the reality star with a humungous rock on her finger. The website also reports they’ve received inside tips about the Jim proposing during a recent taping.

Back in March, Chrissy spoke to VIBE on being the first one to propose in their relationship.

VIBE: That’s wild. Well, to step away from the issues with his mom, I definitely want to know how you mustered up that courage to ask Jimmy to marry you?
Chrissy: Because he was taking too damn long! [Laughs] Like, we’re already playing house, he’s already stuck with me and sometimes men need a little push.

[Laughs] I can understand that. Was it frustrating to be with this man and he never proposed?
No, because I know what I got myself into. You know, he’s definitely younger than me and to be honest with you, neither one of us is really ready right now to get married, but I wanted to let him know that I love him enough and that’s definitely in my plans. We didn’t’ set a date or anything like that, but I just had to let him know. I do love [him] enough to show that it’s time to grow up and that I’m here for [him].

Now, did you ever see yourself in a relationship with a rapper?
Nope. I’ve been around it for a long time and they have really hard lifestyles. There’s so many thing thrown to them on fast forward from women to money to disappointment. You know, it’s a whole lot to deal with. It just so happened that we fell in love and that was his profession. Fuck it! [Laughs]

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