Did Marie Claire Rewrite Kim Kardashian’s Story After Her Divorce Went Public?

Last week, the December issue of Marie Claire surfaced with Kim Kardashian as the cover girl under the headline: “Kim Kardashian Reveals What Went Wrong In Her Marriage.” Fueling the rumors that her marriage was a sham, Marie Claire definitely rewrote the story to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Not that Kim owed the magazine anything, but they found out about the reality star’s divorce like the rest of us– on Twitter.

According to Fashionista, the author got her digs in for the hassle writing, “A sometime stylist, Kim was catapulted to notoriety by a sex tape that was released at what initially seemed to be a disastrous time: When the Kardashians were peddling the idea of a family show.” Ha! Looks like the author is insinuating that Kardashian klan manipulates the media.

Do you think Kim damaged her brand with this divorce?