Did Penn State Also Cover Up Death Threats Against Black Students?

Penn State University seems to have a thing for cover ups. As details continue to unfold about former Penn State football defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, who has been accused of raping and sexually molesting underage boys, some former Black Penn State students are forced to relive a scandal that occurred at their school a decade ago. The Loop 21 did some digging and found out that Penn State covered up death threats against Black students:

In 2000, the year a janitor witnessed a boy younger than 13 (“Victim 8” in a grand jury report) “pinned against a wall” while Sandusky performed oral sex on him, Black students and football players on Penn State’s campus began receiving hate mail.

The hate mail sent to Black students had nothing to do with Sandusky’s proclivities, but the two incidences shared something in common: both were ultimately covered up by the university, even as both chain of events grew worse. Sandusky went on to molest and possibly rape more boys, according to a grand jury report (Sandusky denies foul play), and hate mail against Black students became death threats.

Ultimately, a Black man’s dead body was found by police near Penn State as one of the death threats said it would. And some Black students had to attend their graduation the following May with bulletproof vests on in fear of their life.

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