DJ Whoo Kid Blames 50 Cent’s Album Delays on Label Politics

According to DJ Whoo Kid, triple threat 50 Cent is reportedly having label issues with upcoming fifth studio album. Shocker.

“He wants it to come out but he’s dealing with label shit too so it’s the politics of when to drop. You gotta understand, it’s a competition with other people too. Labels are just maneuvering when to drop,” explained Whoo Kid. “I know he did most of it. 95 percent of it is finished. He wants it to come out, and if it was up to him, it would.”

“I may assume it’s maybe the labels fucking with him but I heard like 9 joints that’s crazy. I wish I had it now so I could make some serious money off of it myself. But, you’ll hear it soon.”


–Zoy Britton