DMC Remembers Heavy D: ‘He Was Like The Smokey Robinson Of Hip-Hop’

While at the 25th anniversary event of Run DMC’s “My Adidas,” caught up with DMC for his thoughts on the passing of the legendary MC Heavy D. DMC compared the public reaction of Heavy D’s death to major pop icons.

“People was on Twitter saying like a truck hit me, I’m speechless,” said DMC. “He was the personification of everything that was good about entertainment and success,” explained DMC. “You never seen him getting in trouble.”

DMC continued: “He was like the Smokey Robinson of hip-hop.” Losing Heavy D is like losing Smokey Robinson — Smokey’s still here — but, it’s on that level of character and his legacy. What he represented was everything that was good, great — not just about hip-hop — but in music general.” –Shabazz