Do Lady Gaga & Laurieann Gibson Have Beef?

There’s something going down at Camp Gaga. According to blogger Carlton Jordan, Laurieann Gibson and Lady Gaga are no longer working together. Gaga tweeted Sunday (Nov 13) that she was working with a new choreographer, Richard Jackson, who was also Laurieann’s assistant. But the change is deeper than a Tweet. See below for more details from Carlton Jordan:

“Laurieann was bitter that she lost control of her influence over the pop diva. Gaga began working with other choreographers and gave Gibson the bullshit title ‘Creative Director’ to keep her from being directly involved with her choreography. That was until a recent explosive argument between the two made Gaga fire her on the spot!

Insiders say Gaga grew tired of the ‘headache’ of Laurieann trying to be her own star – and feels that she was getting the big head – with two reality shows and all.  Sounds like a clash of the divas!”

Get the rest of the details on Gaga and Laurieann’s split up here.