Do Women Let Men Disrespect Them Too Often?


Last month, Louisiana rapper Webbie was banned from 106 & Park for–unknown during the announcement–allegedly sexually harassing the show’s host Rocsi. Recently, the TV personality chatted with NBC’s Nitecap Extended with Peter Bailey to speak out on the incident.

” I have thick skin, but when you’re at your job and somebody sexually harasses you in a manner that is very vulgar and disgusting, you know, I have no shame in sticking up for myself and telling you you’re improper right now. I’m at work, we’re on set, there’s children around us, you’re really out of line right now,” Diaz said. “I think people should moreso applaud a woman sticking up for herself and the people around her for sticking up for herself than allowing that kind of behavior to happen. I think that we allow that behavior to happen too much in our society, and we don’t put light on people being inappropriate.”

She’s not speaking truth about every guy in our society, but, man, she hit the nail on the head with that statement. Women have become tolerant of men and their suggestive behaviors and sometimes their antics of crossing the line. If you see a spade, you call it a spade, right? Then why don’t we call out sexual harassment if that’s what’s happening to you? Somewhere along the line, women have stopped standing up against men and their foul play. With false reports swirling around about women “lying” on guys–athletes, actors, musicians and politicians (hi, Herman Cain)–I believe women have found some way to be hush for fear of being called a “lair,” dubbed as “someone who asked for it” or whatever other consequences come along with things not slanted in their favor. It’s happening way too often and women have to check the disrespect at front door, so to speak.