Drake on Naming Exes in His Songs: ‘I Always Talk About Women I Truly Cared For’

The art-imitates-life music-making model isn’t a new approach yet Drake has found a way to produce hip-hop influenced soul-baring R&B in a way that sounds uniquely October’s own. But on the release of his sophomore album Take Care, the focus now turns to his next endeavors in this fast-paced do-everything industry.

The 25-year-old recently spoke to Vulture on his sophomore effort and his future goals. Wondering if he’ll rap past 30, Drizzy revealed that he wanted his own fragrance and lifestyle line, even looking to Sephora as the outlet of choice. “I’m very obsessed with smell so I actually want to — my dream, to be honest with you, my goal, is to form a fragrance and lifestyle line like candles, incense, room spray, and fragrance.

The Take Care singer’s input is also in popular demand. After apologizing to Phonte for a delayed collaboration, Drake said that he’s in talks with Justin Bieber’s team about doing a song with the pop star. “…I’d love to write for him. I think I have some good ideas. And if we do — if we have a song that makes sense, I’m down, you know? I think it only makes sense to do a song together, though.” Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine and Justin Timberlake are also on his hitlist.

What makes him widely listened to and highly sought after is his ability to provide the soundtrack to fans’ lives. If you’ve felt it, he’s sung it. And it’s no secret that Drizzy is great at name-dropping. Like any grown artist in the spotlight who sheds light on their personal life in their work, Drake experiences the self-kicking moments of regret and picks up the awkward phone calls from women who become famous off his songs to face the repercussions of his lyrics. “I do, I can’t stop it. I can’t stop my emotion; I always go with my initial thought.

But we can appreciate that he never sugar-coats his honesty. Whether you’re the unidentified subject of “Marvin’s Room” or a line in his verses, he says, “I never say cruel things, I always talk about women I truly cared for. Even if they did me dirty or whatever, I still never talk too much about the details…”

However, it’s the impression he leaves not just with his music but his appearance that deserves some attention. He has more sweaters than your grandma has knitted, about 400 of them, he says. From his infamous Missoni wear made famous on the MTV Video Music Awards to the silk-designed Versace blouse he donned at his Las Vegas birthday this year, Drake’s pullover-obsessed wardrobe has been a button-pusher in his interviews. “The point is, the sweaters thing is a result of the fact that I don’t give people enough to talk about as far as my life goes…They need something to nitpick at.” 

But like his songs, the sweaters have become a part of the Young Money artist the world has come to embrace and celebrate. Whether it’s a scented candle, a viral track or a letterman varsity trend, everything Drake creates is just a reflection of who he really is. No cares attached. –Adella Platon