Erica Mena Talks Women Of Color On Reality TV, Being A Working Mom

How do you feel about the portrayal of women of color on reality TV and what’s your response to the critics that will certainly judge you?

When I went into the whole thing, I was just like my whole game plan was to show a different dynamic and to actually put time into telling a story about what our lives are really about from different perspectives and scenarios. For me going into it, I definitely did not expect any fighting and to get physical but at the same time, it’s like when you’re in the situation, whether the cameras are rolling or not, it’s the real deal. [Kimbella] throwing that glass at me—like I said, whether cameras are there or not, how I reacted is just how I would react for any situation, whether I was on the show or not. Obviously my words hurt her so she decided to become a Basketball Wife and throw a glass at me so I had to be a Bronx b*tch and snuff her. It plays out how it plays out. I can’t really get into that point right now but that moment did backfire on me. There is the bad, there is the ugly, it is what it is.

As for the critics, I think it’s unfortunate but it is the stereotype. I think everyone is so caught up with the whole wife fighting and stuff like that but you know what? Even Kimbella has a story of her own to tell. She has the rags-to-riches story and basically she got lucky and sucked the right d*ck but she has her own story to tell. I have my story to tell. So at the end of the day, it’s unfortunate having what happened to us. She threw the glass at me and like any one of us would do, I’ma wax that ass, regardless whether I’m on camera or not. You can’t really feed into the critics because at the end of the day, if we didn’t have talking, if we didn’t have half the stuff that we have going on, there wouldn’t be much of a buzz. I had to throw down. I had to protect myself and whether I was on TV or not, I would’ve done it. So you know as it stands for me, I’m just kinda like, it’s time to really get to the main focus of what we are here for and that’s just to tell the story about our lives and what’s going on with us.

Did you get to bond with any of those women, Chrissy, Emily or anybody like that?

You guys will get to see how it all merges. I think that’s the most exciting. It’s not all fighting. As far as my point of me being in the show, my whole role is to show I’m a young mom, I just left a seven-year relationship and I busted my ass doing all this, you know, all the work I have on my resume, I busted my ass doing the right way – going to castings and actually talking to somebody and going to the set for free. All that stuff has definitely been done where I can build my business and my brand, so there are stories to tell it’s just a matter of us getting the opportunity to do it.

How old is your son?

He’s four. And that’s another thing, most of us on the show, we’re all mothers besides the younger ones and it’s a lot harder in the world we live in and let’s be honest, you know the game we come from and the guys we have to deal with—we’re used to seeing them throw down and stuff like that so, not that it’s in our nature but seeing them get involved in that, we’re definitely the type of females where if we have to throw down, we throw down, but it’s not who we are. It’s a side of us that pushes us to that point, so I think that’s the difference in what the critics probably don’t really realize. Anybody that’s pushed to it would absolutely react the way we reacted.