Fighting For a Friend: Is It Lady-Like?

Monday night, the brawl witnessed nationwide between Love & Hip-Hop girls Chrissy Lampkin and Kimbella ignited a polarized reaction. In case you missed the Mayweather-esque mayhem, Jim Jones’ misses mollywhopped Juelz Santana’s woman in defense of her girl Emily B. You see, while Emily B was celebrating her independence from the infidelity of Fab (ahem, John), the new kid in the circle decided to detail some not-so-nice information about the past: “Just to let you know, I dated Fab three years ago…”

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Really, Kim? She was dead wrong for her remarks–wrong time, wrong place.

After all that hell broke loose, Twitter exploded with females furiously updating from every aspect. And the question remained: Is it cute to fight for a friend?

Honestly, I respect the fact that Chrissy stood up for her less vocal friend Emily B. If you’re a female, you know the code: Your girls are your sisters and you don’t let harm come to you them. Ever. But is it lady-like to seemingly walk away from the situation then sneak a hit? I’m not quite sure the scenario needed to play out like that.

Chrissy did admit that it wasn’t her “finest hour,” and I totally agree. It’s not hot to have your dress rising above your thighs and your weave strewn across the ground. Definitely not a fine hour, by any means. Words are powerful, so use those instead, ladies. If Kimbella would have stood up, squared up and approached Emily, then I could understand Chrissy being so aggressive and protective. At the end of it all, Chrissy did get in some great hits, but what does it say about being a woman and carrying yourself accordingly?

I’ve said my piece. Tell me yours?