Gabby and D. Wade Heat Up The Red Carpet In Miami

With the NBA on indefinite hiatus due to their ongoing lockout, Dwyane Wade has had more than enough time to escort for his beautiful actress girlfriend Gabrielle Union around the world and back to Miami.

Decked out in a black mini, Gabby show-stopped in the red carpet with her superstar man who looked good also in plum blazer and black slacks, hosting the grand opening of the Hublot Bal Harbour Boutique at Club 50 at the Viceroy in Miami.

I have to admit that I’m so happy see how youthful and vibrant Gabby looks heading into her forties. She’s definitely not your traditional cougar, for she doesn’t move as if she is thirsty or clinging onto D. Wade to make herself appear younger.  Truth be my opinion, she looks pretty much like she’s upgrading him — Vixen-style!