Glass Banned From ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Set Due To Violent Brawls

TMZ reports that security has been revamped on the set of Love & Hip Hop due to several violent fights amongst cast members. Part of the new security precautions include a ban on all glass and metal silverware.

Producers are allegedly fed up with all the injuries on set from girl-on-girl violence–which have included bloodshed and stitches–so there is now an all-plastic policy while camera are rolling. Each cast member will also be accompanied by a personal body guard wherever he or she goes.

A rep for VH1 has not commented.

This doesn’t sound too bogus but it’s hard to believe that producers got fed up with the fighting considering that it draws ratings (sadly). It’s also hard to believe that things actually got this bad. Then again, you never know with people’s outragous behavior on reality TV.

Let’s make sure we pay close attention toward the end of the season to see if the all plastic everything rule has taken affect.