Have A Happy Holiday: 5 Holidays Stressors and How To Deal

1. Less Money, Mo’ Problems: Penny pinching, bending, stretching and flat out breaking is common during the holidays. Not being able to make ends meet while buying tickets home, gifts, whatever can stress anyone out.

Solution: Try shopping little by little throughout the year as opposed to all at once. Keep your eye on various travel and deal sites like Expedia, Living Social, Life Booker, Priceline and more for extra savings on your ticket home.

2. All In the Family: If you feel obligated when getting together with your family and it’s more stressful than stress relieving, it may cause you a deep sadness as the holidays approach.

Solution: Opt out of going home for the holidays and make a plan with other friends to vacation. Nothing says stress relief like a day on the beach. Or if you have to go, focus on something that you can enjoy about the holidays with your family–mom’s sweet potato pie, watching the game, seeing old friends.

3. Burnt Out: The holidays hit us at the end of a long year. Most of us have worked our hands to the bone all year long and tired doesn’t even begin to cover it. There’s not enough hours in each day and sometimes in the attempt to do it all, we exhaust ourselves. Fatigue can change someone’s mood, often for the worse.