Hip-Hop Producer’s Aunt Helped Get His Music Picked By 50 Cent

All you need to succeed in the music game today is Twitter and a loving Aunt. Aspiring producer, ODizzy Beatz has much to be thankful for this past holiday weekend. For one, his Aunt reached out to 50 Cent via Twitter in regards to her nephew’s music skills. She wrote:

@MissRaquiba: @50cent I need you to meet my nephew @ODizzyBeatz his music/beatz are off the chain #welcometotheD”.

The ever-active Twitter celeb in 50 responded with a retweet and added: “I just picked one of his tracks.”

Judging from the exposure to 50’s 5,252,130 Twitter followers, you can guess that ODizzy’s life is on high right now. We reached out to the upstart producer to get his reaction to the tweet that could be his big break.–Datwon Thomas

VIBE: Did you know that your aunt shouted you out to 50 Cent?
ODizzy : I actually didn’t know that my aunt tweeted 50. It wasn’t a surprise though because ever since she joined Twitter she’s been tweeting celebs as if she knows them [Laughs].

Where were you when you heard he selected one of your beats?
I was still in bed around noon when I read the tweet. I was half sleep and thought I was tripping when I saw he replied back and said he just picked one of my tracks.

Do you know which one he picked?                  
I actually don’t know what beat he selected yet. I’ve been in contact with G-Unit and their A&Rs for over a year now. I’ve been submitting them music for a lil bit. So something crazy I’m sure.

Has he contacted you yet?                        
I haven’t been contacted as of now.

What does his co-sign mean for your confidence/career? 
At this stage in the game, a co-sign means a lot to new artists and producers. Honestly, I’ve been waiting on a co-sign or a “stamp” ever since I’ve started producing. I always had confidence and knew that I had a good sound. But I was just anticipating the day the right person in the right position would agree and feel the same way I always did. The feeling is indescribable.

How long have you been making music?                   
I’ve been making beats/producing for 9 years.

Where are you from?                                
I’m from Detroit, MI.

What are you going get your aunt for Christmas, haha?          
As soon as I saw the Twitter exchange between them, I yelled out loud, “WERE GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!” But, I don’t know what I’ll get her for certain…something nice though.