Kandi Burruss Plans for Life Beyond “Housewives of Atlanta”

From Loop21Kandi Burruss sat down with Loop 21 to chat Real Housewives of Atlanta, her new show The Kandi Factory, her new relationship and Bedroom Kandi, her new sex toy line.

On her new show:
A lot of big artists who sell millions of records may not be the best singers in the world, but they have hot songs or they have the right image. So with The Kandi Factory we’re going to take the different people that we choose and help them get a new record, a new image, a new video and turn them into something. And hopefully I can live up to the challenge.

On if she’d help Nene Leakes in the studio:
Actually I would. I wouldn’t say we’re the best of friends, but I don’t consider her an enemy. I said I was pretty much done with working with any reality artists, but just for the fun of it to show what I could do, I would help her if she wanted to. She actually can carry a tune. I’m not saying she’s Whitney Houston, but she definitely can carry a tune, and that’s all I really need.

On what Momma Joyce thinks about her new business, Bedroom Kandi:
My mom loves it. Most women that I know, that are all grown, have or have had a toy, even if you don’t really use it on a regular basis. My mother says a woman feels the same at 60 as she does at 20 and 30. It’s a legitimate business.

On her love life:
I just recently started dating someone. But you’re right, when I first started all of this, I wasn’t in a relationship and I do get extra focused. I told myself I’m not going to allow myself to fall out of my focus just because I’m in a relationship now.

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