Labor Of Love (Pg. 2)

I continue incessantly tweeting concert dates and praises (“been heerin peeps say wale had the tuffestverseonnohands. FOHB! @WakaFlockaBSM go hard er day #teamwakawaka”), soliciting followers, retweeting Waka, begging Waka to follow and retweet me, feeling a slight pang from Waka ignoring me. And I run into [email protected] asks who’s worse: Ke$ha or Waka Flocka Flame? My reply: “broad U r worse #bow!” Eight more followers.

This nonstop volunteer gig requires the consistency only a devout disciple (or publicity intern) could handle. But it’s an online alliance that benefits both sides of the timeline—fans receive instant gratification and stars get personal cyber-guards with keyboards of mass destruction. Or as @minajforever tweets me via direct message: “I rep hard because I love nicki to bits.”

By now, I’ve notched over 40 followers, but it’s time for #RihannaNavy numbers. I direct message @iStan4Rihanna_ (over 2,000 followers) for advice on bolstering #TeamWakaWaka. She responds: “The way i got to this far the way i got to this far, is to get follwd an reckonzd by her. Which i did.” Five minutes later, she tweets: “@TeamWakaWaka << Follow this guy now! Help him reach 100 followers, go go! Join the #Movement :).” I reply to Waka: “dis 4 u!”

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