Laura Govan Describes ‘Jackie’s Crazy,’ Charity, Future Projects

It’s common for a lot of people to be in relationship limbo for a while before getting back together again for what they feel is the last time. What advice do you have for women in a similar situation?

I believe that as parents you can make it work. You have to make a conscious decision that you’re going to be mature enough to be in the same room with somebody who is doing their own thing if you’re not gonna be together. If you are gonna be together and you don’t get along then you have to realize that that’s not always the best thing because if you’re just doing it for the kids then you’re gonna make it worse. You have to do what’s best for you and your family. Being together ain’t always the best thing for you and your family and being apart may be what’s best. But I would never give somebody advice on their relationship like that because you would have to come up with what works for you.

How’s the adjustment to Orlando?

Orlando is hella slow but it’s so peaceful. I was telling Gilbert the other day that I don’t have no drama. I can’t give you no juice and I don’t talk about nothing. I don’t look at blogs. I’m busy with the children. I’m always doing some activity—playing sports, working out—I’m always busy so I love it. At first l was like, this sh*t is the worst but now I’m getting to meet new people, really nice people. I actually really like it.

Are you gonna be on Basketball Wives, with the Florida women?

If I’m asked to do Miami I wouldn’t mind but I’m a loyal person, I know where my bread and butter is at.

The LA ladies had drama but you also seemed to have a better chemistry than Miami and when you patched things up it seemed to last longer.

Yeah. The girls that I worked were amazing. Some of them became good friends of mine. Malaysia’s a really good friend of mine; Imani—we’re actually having Thanksgiving as a family together. She’s coming to my parents’ house for the day. It’s like we became family. You can’t compare Miami to LA because we do live two different lives. Although they have children like Evelyn, her daughter’s a lot older and Shaunie’s kids are older. Our children are all about the same age. We’re really into their lives and what they’ve got going on so it’s two different cities and two different lives.

The only one who didn’t seem to mesh after a while was Jackie but was that editing because she seemed cool at first and then—

Nah it wasn’t editing, that nigga is crazy! There was some editing that took place but that was all on Draya, she caught the good stuff but Jackie, that nigga crazy! Mental, emotional, physical—she got all kinds of problems. The thing with J is once you know her you just deal with her and keep it moving. She’s like that crack head auntie and you realize, oh, here she comes and then you deal with her. She makes you laugh and you keep it moving.

Wow, on a lighter note you’re planning a wedding now, how’s that coming along?

I’m easy, not literally but I don’t have to have a 100 million dollar wedding. I have a million dollar ring, I’m not trippin’ off a big wedding. I want something small and intimate and I want it to be with people who aren’t gonna be like let’s take some bets, she’s getting a divorce. I want it to be with people who really love us. It’s gonna be small and intimate. I’ll keep it cute and quaint.

What else are you working on?

Besides the DVD with the workouts, I’m definitely doing children’s books. Me and my kids put some stuff together and the concept of what we’re doing is a little different from just a book but you have to wait and see because it’s cute, and I’m really excited about that. I’m actually starting a clothing line for after pregnancy because I had a really hard time. I would meet people and they would be like, “Oh my God, you’re pregnant, how many months are you?” And I’m thinking, damn I just had the baby three months ago so I want clothes that—I cant tell you how I’m gonna make them that’s the amazing part but I want clothes for women after thy have a baby so they can start getting back in shape. There’s things you can do even in your clothes to get back in shape so I’m gonna start that next year, and I give away a lot of things on twitter like bags, or Christian Louboutins that I don’t wear anymore. I also do a lot with the community, which is unsaid. I do a lot with homeless shelters. I do a lot with teenage pregnancy, so I have a lot of little projects going on. I’m giving a way a lot in the Bay Area for Thanksgiving and Imani is joining me. We’re gonna give away five 100 dollar gift cards to a grocery store for Thanks giving, we’re gonna do a big feast giveaway for 500 dollars, so we’re gonna be doing things especially since Thanksgiving is a time when people need to come together. So that’s what I have going on and you can definitely follow me on Twitter @L4govan.