Meet the ‘Love Games’ Bachelors – Would You Date a Man Named ‘Freaky JP?’

Oxygen is gearing up for season three of Love Games, where three bad girls compete for a new boy toy and a luxurious exotic getaway. This season stars Judi (BGC season 7), Kori (BGC season 6), and Sydney (BGC season 6). Freaky JP is one of the contenders vying for affection. His name almost got him the side eye but his answer to why he wants to date a bad girl was interesting. “Bad girls are fun, they keep things fresh–you’re never gonna be bored with a bad girl,” he said. That answer probably means he’s just as crazy as the girls he wants to love. Watch the following video and make your own assessment!

Is he cute? Does he have a good shot at winning? Who do you think he’ll choose to get to know?

Love Games premieres on December 5 at 10/9c.